Archviz first try

Edit: Latest Render

I’m trying to setup a basic interior to build up my portfolio. So far I just have the table and the chairs and the room scoped out roughly. 6mx21m are the dimensions.

Things I want to add:
Big window
Sliding glass doors
HDRI lighting
BETTER flooring
Plates, Vase, Lamp

Critiques are welcome, hopefully this will go into my portfolio at the end of it.

Where can I get some quality dark hardwood floors? CGtextures didn’t seem to have many, and this floor that I did get tiles really badly imo, how can I improve it?
What should I do for the walls?

Should be interesting :)…

Spent quite a bit of time trying to get HDRI lighting to work. I also added windows and got some crazy bugs with 100% reflections on the interior, instead of letting it pass through.

One way it was fixed was by flipping the normals, as I was working inside a cube.

The other way was to make a new window, give it thickness and set it to a homogeneous volume. I still havea lot to experiment with though before this is gonna make sense.

This render looks noisier than before (250 or 500 samples I think), but I’m mostly going to be focusing on filling out the room, after roughing in the other window and glass door at the end of the room.

It looks better in a small test with 1100 samples. Is this pretty standard when using HDRI? With my 2 emission lights before it looked pretty darn clean with only 200 samples.

Lots learned, more to learn still, as always any feedback, tips, critiques are welcome :slight_smile:

Up next:
2nd Window
Sliding glass door.
Decide on next furniture/props to add.

Looking good. The noise is probably due to the light from the HDRI coming through the glass. Ensure you have caustics turned off in the render settings tab. Also try setting your HDRI as a multiple importance sample in the world tab and enabling a clamp of at least 1.1 in the sample settings of the render tab. However, I find that internal scenes are always more noisy once the details and proper lighting get added.

Sadly I have no examples with the floorboard generator, I coincidentally found it just before reading your post.

Good luck and keep it up!

Hey JohanvdM. I removed the glass and replaced it with invisible mesh emitters. The results are so much nicer and very low sample. Now I can get back to modeling :slight_smile:

I posted screenshots with caustics and no clamp. And no causted and clamped direct/indriect at 1.1.

Both are 300 samples. Glad to have it back to a reasonable amount, hope it stays there as I start to populate the scene…

Caustics and unclamped

No Casutics and Clamped

Been doing a lot of research on BA, youtube, IRC and going to do a bit more. Currently trying to soak up as much as possible from “Blender cycles in Action - Archviz” - which is about a year old.

Here is a great read on using hdr’s properly.
Great work so far! The floor texture looks a little too repetitive. Adding more objects will help with that a little though, the best fix would be changing the texture in photoshop. You can copy the texture, paste it 3 times and make one bigger texture out of the 4 images together. Then change that big image so it has some variety. Also your window looks kinda like a flat screen tv. You could add a window frame to help that. Good luck!

Yeah that floor could be broken up a bit. Don’t know if I’m going to revisit it in this work or in the next interior I do. Want to fill in the scene a bit more first. Thanks for the copying tip. You mean copying it to the right, bottom, bottom right for the x3 right? That’s what I’ve experimented with before, seemed to be okay. Need to bone up on my image editing to add more variety though.

Yeah that window needs to be fleshed out still.

Added some more luxurious IKEA furniture. Because I’m building things to their correct dimension, they don’t really fit that well. Next time I do an interior I’ll have to block out the rough measurements first to see how things flow I think.

Also when I added my couch I realized my room was 2x too long, now it’s much more cozy and less of a hallway. The proportions of the window and door will still need to be tweaked.

For now though I just want to populate the scene with:
interior lighting - vertical lamps, recessed lighting
plates/silver/something on the dining table
TV on the right wall
rug or doormat at the glass door

I got some thinking to do still. Feels good to be back into modeling though. So many little settings to tweak to make things look right I’ve barely had any time to work on my skillz.

I should have just worked from a photograph, but I wanted to have the measurements for my first go around.

Yeah that would work but just to clarify I made this example.

You do that, then if there are any parts showing that show the outlines you can fix them with content aware fill and/or the clone stamp tool in photoshop. Then its just upto changing up individual planks in whatever way you want to get rid of the repetitiveness. This method is good if you don’t care about large image sizes. The material for the floor looks like it has too much spec. I would use mix shader with a diffuse and a glossy. but lean it more towards the diffuse. The glossy is just to give it a tiny bit of reflection. Also a normal map of your texture would help break up the light.

Tried out making a standing floor lamp. Original plan was to screw a bezier curve, but that was a little too tedious, so I just went with a cylinder and tons of edge loops.

The lamp shade I’m not really happy with, but I’m trying to finish this room within the week. I would have preferred to make the lamp shade less angular and more smooth.

Next up:
side table for the sofa
make the coffee table bigger
add some paintings
redo the floor plan to have a bit more interesting structure

Thanks, I’m definitely going to be using this later :slight_smile:

Spent a bit of time playing around with the particle effects and ran through the EnigmaToots tutorial for a fluffy carpet. Sort of haphazardly dropped it into this scene and it crashed my GPU. Looks like I’ll be keeping it out of future renders until I get to fine tune it some more, but posted it for fun.

Next up:
Redo floor plan
Add more interesting architectural elements
Paintings/Wall hangings
Couple pieces of furniture

A little more earthy, a bit more cozy. Tried making my first real floor plan with real windows and doors built in from the start. Went pretty well but just eyeballing it led to some skewed proportions in the architecture.

Played around with it a little bit and got this:

Next up:
Sliding glass door frame
Side table
Wall hangings
Window treatments
Crown Molding/baseboard

WOW TwoDeer! It’s quite the improvement from the last time I saw it. That little living room is looking good. Keep at it!

What I’d reccommend now is to get your final layout for everything down and then to start with the crucial objects like the tables, chairs and couches and keep adding more and more detail untill you feel it’s good. But as it’s becoming more complex it’ll become more difficult to shuffle things around so figure out your layout now and then try not to change it.

Keep up the good work!

Thanks for the kind words! And the advice, my planning skills definitely need work :slight_smile:

I think I’ll be sticking with this layout and just trying to fill it in as best as I can.

Finishing up this project within the week, populating the room so that it looks complete and decent is more important than a stunning overall execution (just don’t think I’ll have the time). Experimenting with materials and getting a broad range of items modelled in, rather than trying to nail down a specific style.

I’m also starting to study architecture and design quite a bit more, and I think it will be a week or two before I’ll be able to begin to apply those principles, so a rough archviz is the plan for this current project :wink:

Spent some time learning about curves to create modular frames, but ended up using hooks! It was a bit crazy, and blender was giving me all sorts of viewport errors, so I still don’t know how I’m going to use frames in future projects.

Also built up a little table. The photos on the side are pretty huge 4kx2k resolution and they absolutely eat up RAM. I’ll make sure to keep an eye on textures and particle systems in future renders, so that I can keep the renders on my GPU.

Next up:
Bookcase/thingy near sliding glass door
Sliding glass door
Dishes/misc props
Can lighting
Dusk shot

Got to play around with some curves for the baseboard. Was pretty sweet to just select the edge loop of the bottom of my layout, duplicate, convert to curve, then apply the bevel shape.

The bookshelf added a lot of issues. It really points out that I have 3 windows behind the camera and it reflects a bit too much. That material probably needs to be tweaked if I was going to really polish it.

Next up:
Raise the roof up a bit
Add an extrusion around the room at the ceiling corner
Play around with glass a little
Populate the shelf with knick knacks
Add a concrete patio with metal railings
Feature cut and call this project done :wink:

Spent some more time with curves, making modular sliding glass doors. I think it will really make the next project go a lot faster.

I played around with making the recessed lighting. Ended up faking it :slight_smile: with just an emissive bulb, but putting a spot light directly below it to give off the real light.

Here’s interior lighting test (looks like i forgot to disable my window emitters)

Here’s normal lighting

Next up:
Resize the wall height to bring the windows lower
Dishes and things to populate the room
Experiment with glass in the windows/doors
Redo Window Frames
Call it done :wink:

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Finally got to make some dishes. Dang, so easy. I wish I would have made those at the start ;).

Added some curtains(should add a tie to them) and the light got a bit too dark. Will have to tweak that later.

Also resized the ceiling/windows so that the windows are on a bit lower profile.

Next up:
Playing with glass windows/door
Adding some hardware to the door/shelf
Tweaking internal lighting
Optimizing the scene (particles/textures)
Wrapping up the project