Archviz for client,trying out particle systems and exterior lighting

Hey blenderartists this is my first post so if i did something wrong let me know.
This is a unfinished project for me but I already had to hand it over to the client because of budget reasons ofcourse. I used this project to try out new things like the particle systems. I still have a few things to do to really round things up like: change the plinth (make it a little dirtier at the intersection with the floor), change the colors of the leaves on the floor, quality of trees and change the backdrop to something more fitting.

If you guys have some comments or questions let me know.

For more images of this check out of date behance hahaha



I like the Lighting on your Project. Have you used a single HDR?

Something seems wrong with Parking Lot in the first image…especially the UV Mapping for the stones.
The second image has a lot of noise nad the reflection on the window doesnt seem to be right.

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Plant size looks too big, leaf size.In general, many nuances can be highlighted, however, it looks very realistic if you do not look closely, but see the light and general materials. I Perhaps there are not so many nuances, but for example, to correct the letters, they at least hang in the air, as well as the general scaling border and floor in general.

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yes i did use one hdr. in addition i used 2 suns