Archviz for my portfolio



It took me quite a while to come to an end with this project, the far I went the more details I wanted :wink:

(GarageFarm.NET) #2

This is a nice set of images.
A bit CG perfect so it gets this a bit idyllic feeling (that may be an artiscic choice on purpose)
It somehow fits well with the perfect suburban house feeling i get here.
But if you are going for photoreal you should drop in some "destruction (surface imperfections etc)
If you want this idealized direction I guess it would work to sylize some textures a bit so you push it a bit more into stylized zone. (I’d find it interesting on this one)

Great job anyways
Treat these notes to your liking, just wanted to share my thoughts…

Jarek D(DJ)


Hi Jarek,
I really appreciate your feedback, I tried some imperfections like noise textures for the distribution of the grass particle systems or overlay textures for the house wood panels or the white fence but I guess they are too weak and I also lost my focus on that. And yes, the other way, a idealized/stylized look seems also very interesting to me, I even didn´t thought of that :wink:

(GarageFarm.NET) #4

I thought of this seeing this retro 70’s car super shiny etc
and it seemed to me you might try this as a direction
It already seems a bit retro sentimental to me.
Imaginary suburban paradise :slight_smile:

(schuylines) #5

I’d like to second @GarageFarm’s “retro sentimental” stylization comment. To romanticize the past, and present it as being cleaner and more idyllic than the present is so in line with today’s views, it’s almost surprising that “retro sentimental” isn’t a current artistic movement.

I’d also like to ask a question, because I’m curious: are raingutters and downspouts actually round in your region? It stood out to me because we just replaced some of ours, and the ones they sell around here are all square with rounded corners.


you can buy both, but the round ones are used more frequent. Hm I live in Germany, but the pictures I used as reference images also show round ones…

(schuylines) #7

Interesting! Thank you for teaching me something new. I like the look of the round ones; I’ve just never seen them before. We don’t use them in Canada for some reason.