Archviz, GPU and other considerations...

Anybody heard/experienced work with FStorm renderer?

Try Octane Facebook Groupsif I may suggest; I read a lot there about FStorm.

The Octane group will most likely only be talking about the supposed “Fstorm stealing Octane source code scandal” that also happened to Brecht when he released Cycles.

Fstorm looks really good. I want to try it but I haven’t got an Nvidia card anymore and Fstorm is CUDA-only. It’s also only available for 3DS Max so far and I seriously doubt that there will ever be a Blender plugin.

You are pretty right. the Fstorm vs Octane debate is on, but I read the most of infos there.
As GPU renderer I’m mostly interested in RedShift as FStorm is just another GPU renderer at the moment, while RS is something new.

Both are GPU (CUDA only).
RedShift is older than FStorm and has some more advanced tech behind (developers come from the game industry; some calculations similar to VRay, OoC - Out of Core memory for storing textures, more feature rich, available for SI, Maya, Houdini (beta), soon C4D…). Nothing for Blender user or OpenCL.
Haven’t dived in yet. Just snorkeling.
Test and judge for self.

Year, Redshift will be a beast when it will totally finished, i wish it would be a blender plugin for it, because 3-4 mins per frame with GI and without noise - all renderfarms will eat their ties :slight_smile:

I was introduced to Indigo Renderer for archviz lately, version 4, which is still in beta but can be bought and use right now, blazing fast on GPU, and it runs on OpenCL, so you could use those cheap AMD 480 GPU, plus it has a Blender add-on, just a thought!

Problem with Indigo is really slow development. especially plugins. You can not rely in production with such slow dev…

There are many renderers with marginal user base (Indigo, Arion, Thea, etc.), so I suspect they have some ‘catches’ as they were not able to grow market shares, while - as an example - Corona made a success story (also RedShift will).

This was rendered on the latest Indigo 4 beta, at least at the time, just try it and see for yourself.

The latest beta can be found here, I believe in can be run in demo mode, and it comes with Blender add-on.

The sample file can be found here.

Render time and samples are burn in the image, rendered on a GTX 960 with 2GB of ram.

Am loving what they are doing with openCL, plain amazing, even ISL (Indigo Shading Language) is simply magnificent. They’ve also accelerated CPU computation to a crazy fast speeds (BiDir PT & MLT, too) Wish we could test GPUs before buying :mad:
On another front… Maxwell~R 4 to be released with GPU support (CUDA only).

I love Maxwell, so simple to use, and v4 is coming out in september, how did I miss that!

Never heard of fstorm before I read this thread, looks like its 3DSMax only, which is a pita, Blender is a tad cheaper, but Max is well suited for archviz!

15 minutes? Thats is crazy fast with a GTX 960