(matelek) #1

My new project. What do you think about it?


(chemsy) #2

This is very nicely done, i like all of it.

(sensenku) #3

Amazing. How you reduced noise?

(alan.zirpoli) #4

Great work. Can you give us some extra info?

(Dunfee) #5

The first two images I had a hard time even telling they weren’t real photos

(Mir) #6

Gorgeous renders! I like how little noise I see. 5 Stars

(Sean_Kelly) #7

Top work. Are these Cycles renders? Usually for interiors Vray and Corona is used, because of the features Cycles currently lacks to help speed up renders.

(rybergs) #8

This is really nice. BUT … :slight_smile: the big but , i dont buy the blue chairs. they really dont look realistic for some reason . everything else is really beutiful , but the chairs ruins the illusion for me.

But all in all beutiful work.

(fogser) #9

well done, i like it

(Odilkhan Yakubov) #10

I’m really don’t understand why artists from Poland are so great in ArchViz? Why? Like you, matelek!

(Yanal Sosak) #11

Great work, a lot of it as well!

(LazyVirus) #12

I’m probably the only one here who doesn’t like them.
I wonder how they’ve made to be featured.
Regarding if they are good or not, it depends on your goal.
If it’s realism/photorealism it’s a big no for me.
No bad feelings, don’t take it bad.

(cekuhnen) #13

I in general would say that currently the best work I see comes either from Eastern European countries or Latin America.

The work here is really outstanding - hands down.

Here and there you can see some over exposure issues with white materials and I agree the chair material lacks some detail.

But the lighting in general is f like FANTASTIC!

@LazyVirus propably because from nearly most interior design renderings this is the most realistic one with the best light setup.
and yes for nearly everybody in architecture and product design photo realism is a must. Not sure why it is a problem to accept that.

(LazyVirus) #14

Well… so we are in trouble XD

and yes for nearly everybody in architecture and product design photo realism is a must. Not sure why it is a problem to accept that.

uh? I’ve said that if photorealism was his goal, IMO he failed.
Then if you think this result is fantastic and photorealistic, good for you. Got no ambitions in party pooping.

(XeroShadow) #15

This look as real as real can get!

(amarneethi) #16

Hey @matelek… Great work… I’m a 3d artist/technologist from India. My site is featured in Blender Nation and you can see my site here. I’m looking for collaborators to create interactive 3D demos, I’d love to create an interactive walk through of your work and you will be given explicit credits in the demo page and a link back to your social profiles or website… Let me know if you are interested…


(wolverine96) #17

Very, very nice! It is a bit bright, but I kind of like it that way! :smiley:

(Tanatarch) #18

More realistic than any photo I’ve seen in my life. More realistic than any real hairdresser I’ve seen in my real life :confused:

(cekuhnen) #19

So you can do it better?

(LazyVirus) #20

I will leave you in doubt, at least you’ll have a less boring life.
God, it seems that I have to be Messi if I want to talk about a football match.

That being said, I really can’t imagine how someone with experience could find these pics realistic/photorealistic, fantastic in lighting or shading or whatever. I don’t even know what these doors handles are for and if the carpenter was under LSD when he cut the panels.
I prefer to think that your intent is just to encurage the author.
I suggest to stop this useless polemic and stop attacking me with idiocies such as “So you can do it better?” as if we were at the kindergarden.