Archviz - Interior - Emily

Hey, what’s up guys?

Just finished this project here. Based on the concept of the interior designer Emily Henderson.
I hope you guys like it :slight_smile:

Critiques and comments are always welcome :wink:


Very nice work. #thumbup

Do you have some tech infos, like rendersettings or sample amount, render times etc. ?

Sure, about 20 min each
600 samples and denoiser on
Just an HDRI with sun, some portal lights and ambient occlusion, very simple setup

20 min sounds very fast. Which image resolution? CUDA?

Nice lighting!
And modeling looks good too.

Thanks Sammy1973!

Taros, I think it’s fast due to low amount of diffuse and glossy samples in light path setup, while using ambient occlusion there’s no need for a high value. This speeds up render a bit.

The resolution was 1440x1080 and 850x1200
GPU was GTX960 4gb

Nice work!

Thanks Hilth!

visually the image looks pretty brilliant - the Ambient Occlusion gives it a little of a toon like touch tho.

I’m well impressed. Excellent work!

Thank you Cekuhnen and Erisian! :slight_smile:

Hi BR brother,

Excellent work! Do you mind if i ask you how you achieve this wonderful lightining? Doesn’t like a HDRI as you said and the bloom looks pretty cool. Your blender skills are awesome

Interesting. Thank you for the infos.

Kalish, i did desaturate the hdri a little, but that’s all :slight_smile:

here’s the world setup, notice that I also have divided the same image into two shaders, one for the background and the other for real lighting, the sun it’s just 10.000 strengh.

In my opinion, the most important process of creating a nice interior it’s setting the correct exposure for camera, I rendered the same image without AO and exposure/curve settings.
Here’s how it looks.

With exposure control and without AO

Timestamps added - 15 mins, 600 samples each :slight_smile:


This honestly blows my mind, I’m new at Blender and really would love this level of skill, I know 3-D modeling can look realistic, but I never realized how realistic.

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Oh, thank you :slight_smile: