ArchViz Interior work

Hi, this is my another attempt in archviz for the interior project i’m working on.
your comments and suggestions regarding photo realism will be highly appreciated (especially the lighting). Light sources (emit material) are placed behind camera and near window.
Entire workflow took 10 days from Design Concept to Image post processing.

Rendering Engine : Blender Cycles samples 1200
Post Processing Gimp

here is wireframe screenshot from different view

Very nice colors and design. It looks realistic, but the carpet on the from destorying it (its to sharp).

Thanks eyalmu…struggle always begins when i’m dealing with objects with particle system ( due to system resource crunch, ram =4gb GPU=Nvidia GT 630 ).
But now i’m considering to get use to particle system to get few step closer to realism.
Btw are there any other way to simulate fur.

Depth of Field

Love the picture overall. A few things more personal taste than technical though.

Have you tried to render with an HDR which has a warm light. The light in the room feels like a cloudy day.

I agree with the above comment about the carpet, it really do not fit.

The green box on the shelf on the right attracts the eye too much I would remove it.

If you can I would give some more space on the left of the bed. A person getting something from this furniture would feel a little stuck for me. * Of course this is just a detail.

I would also add a personal item that would make the room feel like someone do live there. A pair of shoes, a car key, or a pair of smelly socks :).

Again love it a lot. The bed is really well made.

thanks Ludovic_L for taking time for suggestions.

The problem with hdr is that the render attracts a lot of noise in interior environment at any given samples (specially on my GPU) thus i’ve to use emission material for general ambient light.

This being a real interior project the clients demand for a full sized bed has to followed (hence the “sliding door” wardrobe).

Yes pair of smelly socks would be nice addition (are there any tuts :p).

Thanks again.

Are you speaking of fireflies? If so here is some great tips from Blender Guru to remove fireflies :

No I have no tutorials on how to make socks :P. But on blendswaps you have some really great 3d objects that you can use. Reallynice shoes, classic hats, watches, jewelry.

Ludovic_L … hi again
Ive seen that article but still an unreasonable amount of noise & fireflies.
Yeah blendswap is good resource.