Archviz: Modern House in Germany

Hello everybody

This is the next house in my series of Concepts, trying to learn the design styles and construction systems in Germany. I used Archicad for the design process, and imported the model in to Blender as reference.

I remodeled/retopo then the building, just bacuse the imported mesh from Archicad was triangulated and mesy, and it is not possible to bevel the corners of the meshes, and aslo is a pain to texture. The rooftiles ist a single tile with arrays and parented to empties to control the location and rotation. The gras was made by myself and scattered using particles (nothing new there).
I made just one house and then I mirrored it, and I use the random output from the Object info node to get some variation in the textures.

Critiques and Comments are relly appreciated.

renderer with Cycles at 1000 (CPU, 2.5 Hours pro image at 1920x1080 pixels) samples and
some post with GIMP.

Trees from:
Auto Model:
Skies from :

aditional info about the Duplex House:

The idea of the project was to make a flexible building, the building could be turned into two, three or four dwellings, depending on the needs. A possibility would be to to take the half of the Duplex and make two single bedroom dwellings and the other half could be a full house for a family with three bedrooms.