Archviz of a bathroom

A proposal of a bathroom. A proposal of a bathroom.
Rendered in Cycles and Eevee - images are mixed - in high dynamic range .EXR and post processed for best lighting. Eevee is not as accurate but in some cases I preferred it artistically.


Having finished the design (enough archviz for the presentation of the essence of the space), I decided to play around some with more detail, that had intrigued me during the “decoration” the scene.
Blowing an area I improved several materials but could not get rid of a problem rendering the shaving brush:

I posted this as a separate topic for support. Help is welcome

EDIT: this issue was resolved by increasing the transparency passes (there weren’t enough to clear through the layered faces of brush hairs)

I made an alternative design today, for the same room:

Rendered in Cycles : E-Cycles, 3.2K resolution, 80 samples, E-Cycles AI denoiser) or
Eevee (4.5K resolution)
All in high dynamic range .EXR . It is best that render has no color transformation (Raw) or Filmic Very High Contrast - both will give the widest light range possible for post process manipulation.
Post processed for best lighting, using EasyHDR.

Post-processing Before / After :

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One model for ArchViz and hardline drawing.
From the images above to the drawing below, all in Blender, just because I do not want to coordinate do double work. To scale plan with annotations.

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