Archviz on photo

I have i client who wanted the project on a real photo.
this render has only 256 samples yet

Any tips when inserting 3D on real images?

This is the raw render :

And here the photo he gave me :

Looks like you did a good job with the photo-matching, as well as warming up the tone of the original photo. My only suggestion would be to adjust the vertical distortion in Photoshop for the final composite image. The wide angle lens is distorting your building in a way that is unnatural to the human eye. We all know your walls are straight, but it appears distorted to the point where it is distracting. It would probably only take you a few minutes to correct, then you can compare the two images and see what you (or the client) like better.

something I noticed is that it may help to spend a little time adding minute details. go on and find some scratches and dirt textures and stuff and hand paint on some stuff where water might have dripped or something like that. comparing your building tho those around it, the walls of the building look a little bit too flat. the material is realistic but i think it could be blended into the environment better. also I agree about the barrel distortion problem. it looks like the top floor of the building is actually sloping upwards. I drew in perspective lines and I can see it is physically accurate so I’m not sure why the building looks strange at the top. if you are going for realism it may be worth adjusting the original image and your render all in one to something that looks more suitable but I understand that may not be an option. overall this is a very realistic and well done application of blender and it looks great. I hope this helps!

Thanks guys!

IMO perspective is off. Just compare perspective lines of white building on the right hand side and lines of your building. Obviously there is some lens distortion which is visible when you look at the street but even if we consider fisheye-type lens distortion, vanishing point of perspective lines of your building shuld be placed slightly to the right with respect to vanishing point of that buildind on the right hand side of photo. I know it’s kinda hard to explain but I hope you know what I mean.

Perspective fix is needed.

Your client gave you a poor image to do that on.

My only suggestion to you is to use shadow catcher (found in the 2.79/daily builds).

Is the building meant to be wider to the top and narrow at the bottom? If now, then perspective must be corrected.

Thanks everyone for the help!

Nothing to add to what has already been said, but very cool project! :slight_smile: