ArchVIz park toilet

Hi this is my contest entry.
all made in blender, rendered in octane.
What do you think about it ?
plz open this viz in better quality

image ru


screen shot on windows

post images


This is quite an impressive work :slight_smile: I assume that this is Your entry for Kolo? I really love the second and third image, great camera view! Fingers crossed for winning! paulina

Hi overall very nice work. I’m learning octane also and I really stuck with exterior rendering. But here is some comments that I hope will help:

  1. I love the second pic. Mainly because of the lighting. The others are nice but maybe the sun is too “hard”.

  2. Why have you packed together the three bicycles? This seems a but strange to me. Also why are all three the exact same?

  3. I would have placed some leafs on the road. Also I think that the rocks are a bit too “clean”.

I hope you win :slight_smile:

thank you so much!
I agree with you :smiley:
PS. yes, this is my entry for Kolo, here you can see my project:,show,83,1,Toaleta-pod-drzewem.html

Something goes wrong with the wooden floor close to the camera. Apart from that, beautiful work.


fu*k, wrong map hah. Tahnk u!

Very nice images, they look great!
I do however find that some images look blown out. You should fix this

thanks man! ill fix it :wink:

Nice, has its climate. It looks pretty in better quality. Also I wanted to take part in this competition but does not come to me.