archviz practice in cycles

not really there yet… getting there.
crits are welcome. i really need it

breakdown can be found here:


The Door looks too small, the light looks really flat, the colors are washed out, the modelling is boring just qubes and
no real details, the sofa looks unhealthy. Short, there is no love for details and life in this archviz.

okay do you have any advice for me?

Work in real world units for everything, everything you model, work off the actual dimensions, not doing it by eye. This will help your scene feel correct in terms of scales and what not.

Same with the camera, where would the camera be in real life if you took a photo? what lens would you be using… where is the wall behind us? is it all glass? if so where are the structural beam shadows etc.etc.etc

Work as much in reality as possible as they will pick up on it.