Archviz - Prefabricated-Passive-House-by Stephen-Nickel


here is my first real project with blender and cycles.

Here is my reference photo:

I’ve found no floorplan but some reference-photos. Therefor it was a little bit hard to find the correct perspective and the dimensions of the building.
I choosed this picture because I had a strong feeling about it and I like it a lot.

I hope you like it too!




I wish I lived there. :slight_smile:

I think the original house is for sale…

Awesome pull man. It looks kinda simple though. I think it would look even nicer in night time.

Looks nice… just a couple things, the pool water looks convincing, but I’m wondering if the water shouldn’t be lower (unless your going for that infinite pool look.

I think some trees behind the house would help the image (providing they were tall enough to be seen.) Just wondering… did you model the shrubs or are they images? I’ve been looking for something like these for my casino project.

Thanks for your replys.
The shrubs (lavender) are one branch and distributed as grass on half of a sculpted sphere.
I tried to achieve the look of the original photo and there are no trees.
But with the height of the water you’re right. In the photograph the water horizon is a bit deeper and the wall is only a bit wet.

Very cool render. Difficult to believe it’s a prefab! I’ll remember the lavender trick too! Great Job!!!

Thank you very much for your comment.

I design and sell prefabricated houses (But not that one of the photo). There are some limits, but meanwhile nearly all is possible in the area of houses for one or two families.

Here a very fast render for one of my clients, but done with Thearender:

Hehe great to see so many of us Architecture Academy people appearing on here with our work. This looks like a new render tildee because the background objects don’t look so dark now, well done, I like bigtime!

Hello Pancreasboy,

you were the only one who wrote something and also useful in my thread at Architecture Academy. Thank you for that!