Archviz project

I just started this project. The house is a lot more complicated than I thought at first sight. But now there is a start and a lot of detail and materials have to be added to make it more realistic. I also started a bit on the inside, but haven’t got any good noise free renders of that. Hope that you like at and maybe have some tips on how to improve the work done.

a later version:

Need to add detail slike the rails for the doors. Fix some uv mapping on the tiles, improve the sand and start adding some interior.
Will be posting updates in the coming days

Started some interior renders to get a feel of it and see what has to be done

I also need to find out how to light the interior. externally I have am HDR env light plus a sun lamp. But that is to little for interior lighting. For the renders above I just used some emitting planes but for the finals I’ll need to find a better solution that reflect the out side lighting.

After a break, I added some furniture etc. Scenes are getting to large to render with GPU. I should probably use different textures depending on the distance to the camera, which can change per scene. Is there an easy way to do this?
Anyways here are some renders

one more