Archviz - Small library room - personal project

I am fairly new to blender and this is my kinda first serious project created in blender. I’m switching over from other 3d software and i am not entirely new to 3D art thou i am trying to take it more seriously lately. My main focus is Archviz for couple reasons and so i will try to post my upcoming projects here starting this one. I must admit that blender was a bit tough at begining but after awhile it is acually pretty nice software and capable of some neat stuff (Yet i have still so much to learn).

About project - Small library room

It’s tiny simple room designed just for a person who seeks to get deep with books. Clear white/marbella laminated materials in combination with solid wooden floor.
It is done in cycle render engine together with sun light and HDRI map. Latest blender version and mostly principled BSDF shader.

Thank you for feedback


Nice modeling and rendering, but how do you get to the top shelves?

thank you for input. Height of the room is around 2600 mm and sofa is around 450-600 mm and therefore you should be able to reach top shelves standing on that sofa. Sure it is not ideal but these top shelves are not made for regular book withdrawal but rather for aeshtetic feeling of complete wall of books. So you would store books there you don’t regulary use just to have a wall full of books from bottom to top since having a hole up there near ceiling just woudn’t look good (that ofcourse depends on point of view of each individual).

Cheers F.

Rlly good work. Could u tell more about your light and render settings?

thank you. Lighting setting is nothing special. It is combination of sun lamp, HDRI environment map, skyportals and i also used a bit of lighting from a plane with emission material on. I was testing few HDRI maps since it’s the main source of light till i found the one i like. I wasn’t really tweaking with render setting aside from reducing bounces count to reduce render time. Sample setting was about 1500 together with denoising (next time i am going to go with more samples to be honest). See attached pics, where you can check these settings.