Archviz - Small Office


This is pretty much my first archviz work (really a practice) using 2.83 and Eevee.

I had a discussion about Blender vs UE4 going here, if interested:

Here is a little info on this one:

I just finished a test file in Blender using Eevee. I used some assets (chair & books) from Chocofur and the plant is from Poliigon. The reference that I based this on was from an image I saw on Pinterest (AD Espana and photo by JAVIER CALLEJA). I had purchased the Definitely Eevee tutorial by Chipp Walters and actually learned some interesting things about rendering this out. Finalized the image using Affinity Photo. I’m pretty happy with the result. I can see some things I’d like to change but I think I’ll keep working away on a different project. Soon, I’d like to start moving these to UE4 and see how that will develop for me. Thanks for everyone’s input. If you have any comments on this one, I’d love to hear them! Take care

Thanks for looking! On to my next practice project…a kitchen! Cheers.

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