Archviz test with Cycles

My first take on Archviz through blender (I’ve been using 3Ds Max till now). Though I’m pretty comfortable in using 3Ds Max, I’ve always wanted to try & use blender as I realized it has a lot of potential & a great tool indeed.

So here’s my render! All comments & critics are welcome.


Looks good!

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I like it.
You should fix the glass, I don’t understand the kitchen. Is it the room to the right? It has a mirror look instead of transparent. Maybe it’s just too bright?
If you’re using (only) a glass shader, try mixing a transparent shader. Cycles glass does not have transparency.

Thanks for your comment,

The glass on the left is just a fixed window with HDRI visible in refraction, I’ve been trying to get it to look better but couln’t figure out how. I’ll try doing it as per your suggestion. Hope it will be better:slightly_smiling_face:

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