ArchViz - The Garden House | Blender eeVee & 3Ds V-Ray

Hallo everyone!

I’m super excited to make my very first “Finished Projects” post.
The Garden House:


Vray Renders (with Post-production):

Blender EEVEE Renders (RAW, no Post-production):

For this ArchViz project I wanted to learn and explore workflows to make a complete visualization package including fully post-processed day and night-time renders & animations. I also wanted to explore what I could achieve with Blender’s EEVEE in terms of imitating my own Vray renders and how far I could push EEVEE with dynamic animations of Sky/Clouds, tree winds and curtain animation while maintaining high render speeds. I also wanted to animate the grass but this was adding way to much render times.

The first 4 images in the video were rendered with Vray in 3Ds max and post-processed in Photoshop.
The Animation was rendered with Blender’s EEVEE engine to leverage its speed.
A total of 7240 frames were rendered at a resolution of 1920x1080

Render times:
3Ds Max Vray: 45 min. per image average
Blender EEVEE: 15 sec. per frame average (with all Vegetation on)
0,67 sec. per frame average (with all Vegetation off)

The Animated Sky in Blender was done with “Procedural Clouded Sky HDRI Shade” found here:
For more info check this Reddit thread and please support him…this shader is super awesome!!

System specs:
CPU : AMD Ryzen Thread Ripper 1950x 16-Core 3,40 GHz
GPU : 1080Ti
RAM : 48GB

Software used:
3Ds Max – Vray
Davinci Resolve

3D Model by Mr. Thanh

I am not a visualizer by profession.
I’m a Mechanical/BIM, CAD designer and usually work with SolidWorks/Revit.
Sometimes I visualize and animate projects on the job, but my aim is to achieve visualization skills at a pro-level, particularly Archviz.

That said all comments, suggestions and criticisms are welcomed.

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