[Archviz] White Kitchen

It was very nice doing this scene. I think its final result is lovely!

It was a scene for study purposes.

I used Filmic and a touch of Photoshop.

Wow, just awesome! How many samples did you use? And render time?

I like it! though I noticed a couple problems with the images:
There is no stove, or even a microwave xD how do you cook? I don’t know if this is a design choice or not but maybe add some handles on the cabinets and drawers as well. The wall on the right side of the kitchen could use a picture. Perhaps the one on the floor in the bottom left? and the couch has a bit of texture stretching on the inside of the armrest. Other than that, I like it. the windows give it a very nice, open feel and color palette is quite pleasing.(to me anyway, irony is I’m colorblind.)

1024 samples, on my i5 3330, about 2 hours each.

Hahaha, Thanks! It was based on a reference image (forget to say that). But you are right. The couch I get it from blendswap (Martin Ziemys)

Wow so impressive, how can you get this result with only 1024 samples any tips please ?

Simply beautiful. Pro production grade quite honestly. Could be in any catalogue.

good job! I would change and decrease the number of lamps.