I began Blending in Nov ‘17, and I decided to combine several of the year’s projects into one render. This is my first ArchViz piece, which also includes my first Still Life, and my first three characters.

You can see more of my work, including the individual projects, at

Constructive criticism is both welcomed and appreciated!

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Some constructive critisism. You have exterior lighting coming in the windows while the lights are on. It should be one or the other. The other thing that should be improved is how far away most of the scene is with so much blank space between the foreground and background.

I hope that helps!

Thank you for the feedback, it’s much appreciated! I’m not entirely sure I understand your second point though.

Could you please elaborate?

Are you using principled shader? Because the table looks kid of flat, simple diffuse shader.
Bottle should be transparent in some part. There’s light from the main light that should not be - there should be a shadow from the lamp on ceiling, whereas everything is evenly lit.
Floor looks kid of good, but needs a bit of scratches.
Are you using filmic color manager?

At that point I was still combining diffuse + glossy shader with a mix shader and fresnel node. I’ve since learned better. :wink:
I should definitely have scratched the floor! I spent so much time adding dust and mop marks – I can’t believe I didn’t think of that. Thank you, thank you.
I can’t recall whether or not I was using filmic back then… but I am now. :+1:

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Great start to this composition. You seem to know a little about lighting. I wonder if maybe using the Principle Shader will help you. Also, look into using PBR materials. You are missing the Gloss and Reflection on the wood surfaces and the flooring. I hope that helps!

Thank you for the kind words and helpful input, ecorob. I’ll have to look into reflection mapping this weekend.

I’m getting so much great feedback! I think I’ll have to go back to this project, apply everyone’s advice, and render out some shots of the living room. Thank you all! Your perspectives will certainly help me improve, which is all I want to do. :slight_smile:

Sure. The back wall with the stove top and oven feel very far away. The very long, almost blank wall taking up the center of the screen has the effect of drawing the viewer’s attention to that very spot when the table and the objects on it (I assume) are meant to be the focus of the scene. Also to that end, the rooms outside of the kitchen seem like a distraction from the rest of the scene. A few suggestions to bring in the background would be to actually shorten to room if practical, or use a more narrow lens which would flatten the overall depth. Depth of field for the camera would also allow the viewer to focus on the subject. Art is pretty subjective, but that’s what I would improve.

Oh, I see what you mean! I was hoping to make the table the primary focus, while also showing the rest of the room… but the eye really does go to that mostly empty corner, with the kettle.

I like the idea of bringing the back wall further in. I’m going to play around with the lenses and depth of field first, because it seems less destructive. Do you think that the living room could still be included if I focus on the table? I guess I’ll just have to play around and see :wink:

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I’m glad I could help! I’m not sure about keeping the living room. But playing around is the only way to find out! :slight_smile: