Arctic Tern

This my first attempt at modelling (minus a few experiments). Any way I am modelling the Arctic Tern which is a bird. I really need opinions on where where to go next with this.
this is the photo i used has a reference

this is the user view

This is the front view

and here is the top

Organic modeling is tough enough with decent reference images. Without reference images to follow, just modeling from the odd photograph or two, is very difficult. It does get easier with experience, so, if you are determined to make a professional looking 3d arctic tern, my suggestion is to put this project on hold and get some experience. Do some modeling tutorials, learn how to get the shapes you want into three dimensional virtual space.

Then, when you have the basics mastered, go back to those bird tutorials and they will make a lot more sense.

Otherwise, you might wind up like old lexi, here, who has been plugging away at his idee fixe for over a year now. You’ll notice I gave him the same advice I’m giving you. You might also notice he didn’t take the advice. Take a look at the last page of his thread. Is this where you want to be with your bird a year from now?

any advice on where to start getting experience (i.e. what type of stuff to model, or tutorials)?

Yes. Start with Introduction to Character Animation. Then move on to 608 Bearing, Building a House and Adrianna.

For organic modeling, the Adrianna tutorial is a classic for faces(scroll all the way down), For hard surface modeling, 608 bearing (navigate to 3D Graphics, Tutorials, 608 Bearing) is fast becoming a classic. For architecture, building a house part 1, 2 and 3 would be a great choice.

Once you’re done with these four tutorials, you’ll have an excellent foundation to build on. Don’t skip any of them because you’re not interested in the type of modeling. All of them have valuable information for the beginning Blender artist. I’d also recommend doing them in the order given, as they increase in difficulty somewhat.

Thanks for the info