Are 2GB Vram enough ?

Are "GB graphics card -ram enough for GPU rendering ?(GTX770)
or should i take the GTX760 with 4GB?

Surely is depends on what YOU are going to render ? Only you know that, no-one else does
Does what YOU want to render fit in the 2GB or not ? If not then maybe the 4GB card would be more appropriate, assuming it still fits in that size.

ok, the thing is just that i have no idea of how much Vram i will need (to render whatever) because i don´t own a graphics card which supports GPU rendering ! so i really don´t know anything about the dimensions, what will need how much memory and i can´t say if 2GB are enough^^
i decided to buy one with 4GB…

An easy way to find out is to look at Blender’s memory usage when rendering a typical scene on the CPU. The amount of VRAM you need is identical to your regular RAM usage.

THAT was helpful ! :slight_smile: didn´t know that, thx !!