Are 3D artists abnormal?

(Jamesk) #1

I was just thinking… When I’m waiting for the bus or something, I seem to be the only one aroundthat’s looking long and hard at the waste bin next to me, trying to figure out how the spec-map would
be set up to look it’s best, or find myself secretly staring at some old lady, amazed by the complexity of hear ears. Or when you masochistically throw yourself into some weird scene description or shader language in order to test drive some esoteric
rendering engine, and finally come to the conclusion that you’ve actually understood everything about it, while someone else wouldn’t even bother giving it five minutes of attention… And when you realise that the reason you love Blender is because initially, the first time you saw it, you didn’t understand one single bit of it at all…

What a strange breed are we, really? Would there be some clinical term to describe this condition? Can it be cured, and if so, would you want that

(BgDM) #2

I actually found myself looking at my 1-1/2 year old sons face the other night while he was sleeping in my arms and was intrigued about the way the light beside me was dipersing on his face and penetrating through the back of his ears. I couldn’t help but thinking of how to make the transparency map for the ears. I know where you are coming from.

Are we a strange breed? Probably. But hey, I used to play goal in hockey, so I’m a little messed up anyway :).

Do I want this to be cured? No way!! I love the fact that I look at things in a different way than everyone else around me. It is what makes me/us tick and I, for one, would not want to lose that for any reason.

Is there a clinical term for this? I am not sure, but I would think that we are all a little bit on the weird side. :wink: And that’s the way I like it.


(Grizzly69) #3

Sounds like obsession. I think people are more satisfied when they are passionate about something. I feel the same way and do not wish to be cured.

At least it gives us something to do.

(Dittohead) #4

define NORMAL.





(joecool) #5

haha, I, too, know where you are coming from.
I tend to notice the (of course) flawless reflections on cars and have asked what gives an object the property to reflect. Also, when I am watching TV I notice how objects are shaped so it can be a little easier to model if I go try it.
I love being a 3d artist. We think about things that other people wouldn’t even know to think about.

(Jamesk) #6

Sounds like total consensus to me. I’m so happy!

(kos) #7

ahem…whom do you actually call abnormal?do you reffer to the people abnormal who do not get exited seeing some young woman nude?..then i am not.hee hee.
actually i think i’m abnormal too.i have become oblivious of everything around me in the real world and think of it as if it were virtual.i am stuck
to 3d so much that i think this is the real world.i can do whatever i want here.

(haunt_house) #8

I am absolutely proud not to be what most people call



(blengine) #9

haha, yea we are a lil weird… when im on the bus im usually checking out people faces, trying to catch a glimpse of a wireframe =D people dont like me staring at em though =\ i get beat up alot :wink:

(overextrude) #10

Hehe…same here. I don’t think 3D artists are abnormal, so much as they are observant, but this is true for many fields in the creative arts.

I look at textures quite a bit, wondering how I’d create the same effect (without necessarily using a mapped image), as well as all manner of objects, mentally planning how I’d go about modeling them. I also look at the way that light interacts with the objects in a scene - where the highlights are, the specular characteristics, what the ambient light is like, what kind of mood it creates, etc., since lighting plays a rather significant role in making or breaking a scene.

I rather like this heightened sense of awareness, as it helps me to appreciate the immense amount of detail and complexity inherent in the realm of mere existence.

(overextrude) #11

You might appreciate this:

It’s a model done A:M, by a dad who was inspired by his own son. It’s an awesome model, but from a technical standpoint, I don’t think it would be all that difficult to produce similar results using Blender.

On an unrelated note, what does everyone think about this new editing feature that presumes to know more about how we want our messages formatted than we do?

(Schlops) #12

We are normal, the rest is abnormal. It’s just how you define it. :wink:

(ray_theway) #13

Roughly stated, it is the direction in which a face is pointed. :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:
/me laughs at own wit (I just couldn’t avoid it!)

Hehe, I’m the only one in my classes at school who notes the lovely
color-bleeding radiosity effect from the room’s windows.

(cree) #14

Now, I feel a lot better. After reading this thread, I don’t feel so alone and alienated from society. I walk down the street and look at everything and imagine how I can transform what I see into 3d animation.

(Dittohead) #15

ROFL!!! good one!!!

(Piraniac) #16

the problem comes when the girl you’ve been staring at turns and asks why your looking at her, telling her she is nicely modelled doesn’t go down to well!
So, yeah, i love seeing the world in a unique way but i can’t help feel lonely sometimes in a like ‘does no-one else stop and stare at the inherent beauty in the curve of the road, or the delicacy of the bumps in that rusty bit of metal?’ At least now i know there are others that see it that way, and thats cool!

incidentily, if people ask what you do at the weekends, don’t say ‘modelling’, my friend insisted i was refering to…er…pictures of a certain kind:-)

Blender - modeller, animator, renderer and now therapist!


(theeth) #17

“You have a nice subsurf.” doesn’t get good response either :wink:


(Riskbreaker) #18

oh man…I thought i was the only one…:slight_smile:

Yeah we are a pretty weird breed, huh?

(Jamesk) #19

“You have a nice subsurf.”
doesn’t get good response either ;)Martin[/quote]

I tried “The CV’s around your eyebrows look very well placed today”… I ended up getting no breakfast at all.

(DaniHell) #20

No, we are normals. Everyone else is abnormal. OK!!???

Because of that we have lots of problems when you meet a girl and say that you would like to get your hands on her wireframe!

You get beaten a lot…