Are all Ik modes/operations exportable to standalone?

Lets say I make a armature,

Rather than having actions on this armature, I use animations on IK targets(empties)
along with copy rotations and copy scale,

will all of this work without blender?

The question came up in another thread, and frankly it’s a little Grey, what works in exported exe vs inside blender.


I’m not sure, but there’s a very easy way to find out: try exporting it to a standalone and running it to see if it works or not! If you’re worried that perhaps having Blender installed will mess with the validity of the test results, you might have to find a computer that doesn’t have Blender installed though (or just boot to a liveCD or something, I think even Windows can do that nowadays)

My laptop does not know there is a Blender, because I always download the zipped one. This allows my to place the standalone at any folder I like.

The Blender runtime launches a self-contained application (bar dlls), just like Blender embedded player runs in an isolated environment. The only difference between the two is some startup routines. Having Blender installed will not affect their execution.