Are alpha=0 objects still there?

I have a short question today :slight_smile:

I want to know if an object that’s totally transparent but not invisible (Alpha=0, ZTransp on) is still consuming resources. I’m talking only about the rasterizer, I’m not thinking about physics or memory usage.

If you use an alpha texture, yes it is. I do not know with alpha=0 in materials. There might be some optimization.
You can test it.
-Add an object with 0<alpha<1.
-Douplicate the object until you get lags at runtime.
-Now make the alpha=0.
=If the frame rate is high again the rasterizer removed them.
=If the frame rate remains as before the rasterizer processes them as before.

as an countertest you can make them invisible.

If you do let us know, youre results.

Thank you, Monster.

I just did a little test and proved that alpha=0 doesn’t affect framerate, while making an object invisible does improve it.

I’m attaching the test in case anyone wants to try it out. I had to set the subsurf level up to 5 to get some framerate drop.


alpha test.blend (131 KB)

Thanks mrzeon,

this is good to know.

By the way, you could also use the visibility actuator :).

Yup, that’s what I’m doing right now, putting visibility blocks everywhere. I have a big black plane on all my scenes to do fade out effects.

I don’t know why I made the script in the example instead of using a block, maybe I’m still sleepy. :eek: