Are anisotropic specular highlights possible in Blender

Hi, are anisotropic specular highlights for hair possible in blender? A bit like this:

I don’t know how I should go about making the materials. (Also, I’m pretty sure they’re not possible for 2.8 since, to my knowledge, there isn’t support for anisotropic shaders in 2.8)

where did you get that idea?

it was in blender since ages

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I can’t find it in any dropdown menu nor by searching for it?

It’s a Cycles thing, but not currently an Eevee thing I believe. You’re likely looking at Eevee here since that’s the default renderer in 2.80.

It’s only in cycles render engine unfortunately.

I’ve recreted the material you posted. It’s not perfect but after some tweaks It can look the same

This setup works on 20 samples without noise so the render time will be almost the same as eevee.

heres the file