Are Armatures broken in 2.5 or just different?

Hi Guys, having problems trying to rig meshes in 2.5.
Any bends seem to make kinks in the mesh.

Is this a known, issue, or am do I have to do something differently to 2.4?



It’s working properly, some things can be slightly different from 2.4 but good results should be achievable.

I have noticed lots of improvements with handling with animated meshes in 2.5, so far… Could you show some precise examples of problematic issues?

Any ideas why they are kinks in my meshes when i try to move bones?
This did not happen in 2.4 and nothing i do seems to fix it?

heres an example

Either it is not weighted properly or the bone is segmented (a B-bone).

Its both weighted properly, and not a b-bone.

What arexma meant was that probably there’s one vertex that’s influenced by another bone, because you by accident, wile working on another bone, weight painted one vertex that you shouldn’t had.
I agree, it does look to be the case, so what usually has to be done is go bone by bone and review the weights until you discover which one is out of place.

In 2.56beta finding stray vertex weights is a bit easier that 2.49x because they are listed in the Properties panel (N-KEY in the 3D window) in the Vertex Groups section. You can select verts in the problem area one by one to check if anything looks out of place. This is often easier than trying to see low-value weights in weight painting mode.

You mention that the kinks “did not happen in 2.4.” Did you make the model & originally weight it in 2.4x? Wouldn’t hurt to check the weights again if you just now opened it in 2.5 & haven’t made any edits to the file. Could be a forward-compatibility glitch of some sort.

You may also want to doublecheck and confirm that you’re not running into conflicts between vertex weights and envelopes (i.e. disabled envelopes in the armature modifier).

cheers for the help, will look into your suggestions.

In 2.4 such a simple mesh was usually working straight off with automatic weights, but it seems maybe i have to spend quite a bit off time weight painting in 2.5?

using the properties panel instead of weight painting and turning off envelopes did the trick.


Excellent. In that case, I’m going to mark this thread as solved. In the future, you can do that yourself by using the Thread Tools menu above your original post.