Are Auto Retopo tool/add-ons worth it?

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I’m aware of retopo add-ons in blender for ease of use (retopo-flow) but I was wondering if auto retopo tools are reliable and worth it especially for organic retopology. I just feel more comfortable doing my retopo manually and I’m not sure if investing in some auto-retopo tools to be worth it.

For those that do used them, what are your experiences using those tools and what are your opinions in using what are currently available today?


I would definitely say that you’re better off doing the retopo yourself since the programs and addons can’t really predict how the object is going to deform. You can use it for non deformable objects tho

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I keep trying every new retopo tool and nope. Manual is better, faster and easier. It does take some study and practice.

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What Retopo tools are they?

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This is just one method: I tend to use the B surface tool and grease pencil with shrinkwrap and snapping, gradually adding loops and quads around my hi-poly meshes (from Marvelous Designer, which also has a beta version of remesh now, not perfect but interesting). But there are many kinds of meshes and methods and purposes - it depends on what you’re going to use the thing for ultimately, how you’re going to UV map it, texturing, animating, game use or not, yada yada.

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I am working on a big retopo project and I can say, without a doubt, yes and no. For organic shapes that I have been doing, those tools speed up the process for me over large areas, however I fall back on Blender’s internal tools more often than not for finishing, but sometimes all the way through.

I have used retopoflow, but have found it buggy, and not so friendly at times. I used to use 3DCoat for retopo and UVs, but found that I had to go to Blender for small touches and cleanup anyway, so I eventually just stayed there. Retopology tools can be a great help in many cases, and are designed to get the job done faster, but they aren’t always necessary.

Hope I made that clear as mud.

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Even RetopoFlow 2? I’ve been wanting to purchase it but when I tested the RetopoFlow (the version that was a bit before 2) that’s free in github, I came across some bugs that still bothered me…

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Have not tried 2 yet, I’m trying to work in 2.8 exclusively and there hasn’t been a release for it yet I don’t think, but I am looking forward to trying it out.

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Retopo tools are definately something worth looking into. Retopo is a technical, time consuming, and arguably really boring part of every sculpt project.

Zbrush has great retopo tools built inn with Zremesh and guide lines.

For blender you have Bsurface, which you mentioned to be a bit buggy. This is partially correct, but once you learn the technical limitations and know how it really works, then its actually pretty stable.

Then there are 3rd party software dedicated to retopo, such as 3D Coat - This is also a really fun paint texture software :slight_smile: if you’re into styalized texturing.

I’ve also had my eyes on Retopoflow for a long time, but kept myself from purchasing it because im doing fine with Bsurface and Zremesh.

And despite what people say, if you find a good retopo button click tool that you think is good, then get it! Yes it does not create the best mesh for production, but for most still renders, and non-animated characters you will get away with it, and save a couple tedious hours. - Again i have zremesh for this.

This one button tool is also great to simply remesh a dynamesh for instance. To give a nicer topology to work with (again not for animation, but still better to work with).

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As far as Retopoflow is concerned, I would say no. They’re just not reliable enough IMHO. But even when they work, they’re really not there yet in terms of functionality for the price.

That said, why don’t you just grab a copy from github and check for yourself, it’s GPL after all. I won’t link it here because there’s bound to be people who will be OUTRAGED at the notion, but it’s not terribly hard to find. You can pay and support the authors if you like it.