Are Bevels better than Subdivision mod. + Loopcuts?

Hi, I began using Blender last year, but I’ve only gotten “serious” about it in the last 2 moths or so.
Now this will probably be common knowledge for most of you, but while I was watching some time-lapses from other artists I’ve noticed something: almost none of them uses the subdivision modifier and loop-cuts to add detail their model, which is what I usually do after tracing the basic shape of the mesh.

Adding bevels seems to be way more common than increasing the polycount of any given object, and the results are usually equal or better while also requiring less processing power.
So, is it preferable to use bevels all the time when it comes to hard-surface modelling or is it just a matter of preference and habit? Are there any tutorial that show a decent workflow and order of operations when it come to using them?

My models are finally starting to look decent but if I can improve in any way by changing my workflow I would gladly do so, even if just a matter of efficiency (it still takes me too long to finish a project).

I think it depends on the model, and personal preference. I’ve used - and continue to use - both. But recently, I have leaned more towards bevels. I find them to be generally cleaner than edge loops.Though they do often require small amount of cleanup with the knife tool, as you sometimes end up with ngons.

Yeah I forgot to mention I saw a lot more knife tool cleanup, but I don’t know if that’s usually considered a drawback. I prefer to avoid using it, because when I just started modelling I kept messing up so I had to rely on it quite a lot, so I tend to see it as the “you made a mistake” tool when that’s just one of it’s purposes.

If you don’t mind, could you give me some examples of which objects you prefer using one method or the other?
Thanks for the feedback btw!

Errrm, hard to give specific examples, but often, I’ll still just use Edge Loops around circles, and such. Or sometimes, I’ll use temporary edge loops, and then later go back and make them bevels once I’ve finalised everything.