Are bone names global?

Hi all, I have an armature and a walk cycle setup for that armature. I duplicated the armature and changed the name of the armature, but all bones etc have same names. When I have my walk cycle in NLA, it is applied to both the armatures, which I did not understand. I thought the walk cycle is applied only to the armature on which it is defined. Do I need to rename all the bones now to get it working correctly???

Bone names only have to be unique within an armature object. You can have multiple armatures, all of which have bones with the same names, and there are no problems. You do not need rename your bones.

In the NLA editor, delete the action-strip assigned to your second armature.


Is the Action shared with 2 users?

Oh, Ya. I guess when I duplicated the armature, the same action is assigned to it in NLA editor :slight_smile: Thanks for the suggestion.