are .com's overrated?

i mean are they? 35 bucks for a horrible name couase most fo the good ones are already taken!

I tried so hard to get a .com that fits somehwere near my andme what that was…but I like sutabi… and is taken =_=and I asked for that domain and they wanted 15k!!! pfff! its been taken for 4 years and its not even in use lemme have it dammit!

Sometimes I’ve found that when I search to see if a domain is available, it’s quickly snapped up… once it happened with… and I don’t know how on Earth that could have happened, only a week after I searched for it.

I’m probably gonna go for a .us domain, my first name is open there.

I think there a lot of “companys” that buy the domains and have the traffic redirected to their site, most commonly those supposed search engine pages that I find are probably the most annoying things on the planet.

Also they live in the hope that some big company is going to form, perhaps “Unobfuscated Software Ltd.” or maybe “Unobfuscated Fabrications”, and will pay a stupid amount for a little name on the internet.

Back on those search engines, I had some form of malware on my computer the other day that meant every time I went to google, hotmail, or any major site, I’d end up at one of those f**king stupid search sites. They are definatly the spam of the future, surely there has to be something done about them.

Can you believe & are taken!?

Well don’t you basicly need a domain that fits you and your site?

The way I think is… see if you can get it as a .com first… cause that is easiest… I mean everybody’s familliar with it. But if it’s taken another extention is fine. I’ve built a nr of websites for people that actually insisted to have their national domain in stead of the .com even when it was available.

And err $30.- seems a bit much.

Then again there’s 2 .com domain names that I came up with that hadn’t been taken yet. I registered 1 but haven’t built a site for it yet, no idea what to do with it. And the other one I am still thinking about.

umm arn’t .coms only $7 or somthing


every time i go to google i get 3 of those stupid wanna be search sites in a row :< . and its really PISSING me OFF kuz they made my compy crash a few hours ago :x , AARRRRRGGGGHHHHHH . how do you get that crap off of your computer? and every time i open windows media player or windows explorer this little add is attatched to the bottom of it. i mean, no one ever clicks on those things anyways . (sorry if i got off topic there :smiley: )

Tk is free though.


Get your free TK domain here: