Are coversersion sites (flv to mp3) save to use?

I would like to use a website to convert a Youtube flash (flv) movie into the mp3 format.
Are there any security risks involved playing the mp3 files?

Two example sites are:

You’re converting a video file into a sound file?

Either way, why not use free tools that you can have on your hard drive? I’m fairly certain Handbrake can do it for you.

if your using windows, check out the free studio manager, ive been using it for years… the only complaint i have (if you can call it a complaint) is that they have constant updates, seems like one every few weeks…

I have tried Handbrake. As far as I understand it only converts video into video.
However I also wanted to convert a flash video into MP4 in order to use it in Cubase. So this is a nice side effect.
In the meantime I learned that I can use VLC for converting flv into mp3. So the problem has been solved.
The I tried to convert a flash video into MP4 with the VLC player. That succeeded for the audio part. The problem is that the image is flickering.

Does anyone know why this flickering happens?

I know also super2011

              eusing free video converter

              ivisoft free video converter

              xmedia recode

              any video converter

              winx video converter

Thanks for the info guys, this helps with my previous video conversion software thread.

On Windows I use Pazera