are direct pcie lanes important?

Hello folks, im building a new pc for illustration and cycles rendering
i am considering either a ryzen 7 1700 and then overlock it or directly a threadripper
the idea behind the ryzen 7 would be buy now and upgrade in a couple of generations to a higher clockspeed am4 processor

for the threadripper idk, its expensive but at least i guess id be done with it. i dont like fiddling with hardware so much and the threadripper option would be to stay on the safe side and be sort of future proof. Not really sure if i genuinely need it tough.

anyway, ive been juggling between those two options and now it comes down to PCI-e lanes.
long story short, is it an issue fr rendering purposes that ryzen has only 24 direct pci lanes if i want to run 3 gpus and a couple m.2? would it be better to go TR? real world scenarios wise?