Are fields really necessary for broadcast?

I’m just wondering has anyone had experience with broadcasting their animations on tv?Is clicking on the fields button necessary?

Obviously on computers the animation looks fine but when i import into pinnacle the images are blurred. Is this gonna export blurred to TV?

Should i just hit the fields button? It seems to take double the render time as its rendering two images for every frame. Anyone any comments on this?

yes, it is not only necessary because that is the way the images are sent out, but also for motion blur. When using fields, there is a motion blur effect that goes on that makes motion be very nicely seen. Without fields, it looks choppy. With fields, you are effectively rendering at 60 fps (US) 50 fps (EU).

This is what i’m getting back from each frame - but its how its playing back again. There’s no speed up of the animation or nowt like that. Any ideas whats going on here? It looks fine in the VSE but when i do sequence it plays back like this!


plays back…on your tv? computers and tv’s play back video differently. computers do not use interlacing.

Ah ha - na this is what i’m just getting on computer. Would it play back ok on tv? I should just burn it onto dvd and check right!

Yeh it looks like that on the dvd too! Although i added a line test on the dvd and it actually looks grand!

Gonna render a sequence without fields and see what it looks like on tv!

If you are going for 29,97 fps ntsc or 25 fps pal interlaced tv, you should use fields. If you are going for 24 fps progressive you should not use fields.

24 fps images can later be converted to 23,976 fps with pulldown in order to display correctly in an ntsc tv.

ok this is interesting - what about if i wanted to play24 fps back on PAL? I’d rather not use fields as its messing up with the renders as you can see from the image above

is progressive simply just 24fps PAL?

no, it refers to the fact that the frames are not interlaced. 24fps is the rate that “actual” film stock is played at.

pal: 25 fps
ntsc 24/29/30 fps

broadcast-quality anim will need to be rendered with the correct field setting in order to not make your viewers cry salty wet tears…