Are Flotation tanks mumbo jumbo?

I’m thinking about giving flotation tanks a go I just wondered whether anyone has ever tried one? And was it as relaxing/rewarding as this website suggests. e.g. One benefit:

During a float you produce slower brain-wave patterns, known as theta waves, (normally experienced only during deep meditation or just before falling asleep). This is usually accompanied by vivid imagery, very clear, creative thoughts, sudden insights and inspirations or feelings of profound peace and joy, induced by the release of endorphins, the body’s natural opiates.

Sounds pretty good!

I probably will give it a go anyway but was just interested to see if anyone had any experience of them.

I’ve never tried one but it sounds quite good. I sometimes float in the bath with my ears just under the water and you probably get a similar effect. Very relaxing. The episode in The Simpsons put me off floatation tanks a bit, though. It’s not good if you’re claustrophobic either - the website says the doors don’t lock but some people can play tricks on you.

I say give it a go. If you’re cheap like me, just float in your bath at home. Also, make sure they change the water. You do not want to be floating in some kid’s piss.

But I’m claustrophobic!?
It’s OK… most people are. The float tank or floatroom interior lights and door are controlled by you and so you are in total control of your environment at all times.

This sounds cool :wink: But also sounds costly, I will have to read up on it :smiley:

Another link:

I wanna try it :wink:

The place in my town is £25 for an hour so it’s a bit pricey if you get addicted! But it’s not too bad if it’s only for the occasional recharge! I’m going to give them a call next week and see if I can get a session in. I’ll report back.

The idea behind it sounds really great and relaxing. I’m just worried it wont live up to expectations, and i’ll be floating around in this water for an hour bored, then come out feeling exactly the same and my friends are like “dude, what did you expect? it’s a bath tub full of water”.

I tried one a long time ago. I pretty much dozed off. It was relaxing, but I don’t think it was any better than taking a mid-day nap in a quiet room.