Are human models usually made up of multiple separate objects?

So I’m not sure where else to post this, but for human models which have different attributes such as eyes, hair and clothes which behave differently than the base model itself, do they need to be their own different objects in order to have those different attributes? If not then how do they keep those attributes?

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EDIT if it helps any, I got curious while following this tutorial:

When the eyes are done, would you just attach them to the face, and keep them there as separate objects?

Yes, those parts need to be separated for easier manipulation, rigging, animation etc.

It can go both ways on cloths, Often you will find that skintight cloths are just replacing parts of the character model itself. And for game assets doing this with cloths is a fairly common practice.

Eyes tend to be their own meshes but again once more if you are looking at game assets this is not always the case.

Forgot to mention that gloves are usually something part of the character, which means that there’s no skin underneath the gloves. But if you the characters gonna take his gloves off in some point then he needs to have skin underneath the gloves.

I’m glad you talked about game assets because this was one aspect of my original question that I left out.
Okay! Good to hear that all I need to do is pretty much paste the eyes on my model’s face. Thank you very much :slight_smile: