Are my specs good enough for high poly sculpting

Hi guys,

As I started to use blender, I have done a lot of traditional / box modeling, but I now start to turn to a different workflow including sculpting. The thing is each time I am trying to sculpt a model Blender gets slow. I don’t know if my specs are good enough or if there is any tip to get past that issue. Should I be upgrading my gear ? In the meanwhile is there tip to improve blender perfomances ?

OS : Windows 7, 64 bits
CPU : i2 2,0 Ghz
RAM : 3 Go DDR2
GPU : ATI HD Mobility Radeon 3400 (up to 1.5 Go of shared memory)

I know my laptop is getting a bit old :smiley:

Yup your specs are low, if you do high poly sculpting on your laptop it will stutter to much to get any real work done. A laptop isnt good for high poly sculpting at all, the on-board GPU is meant to be enough for watching HD movies and such without skipping or jerking. More faster memory is needed to store all those polygons, High poly sculpting is very demanding, i’m running a $1500 system with a GTX780 and i’m sure even my computer would stutter at times, these specs would be better at minimum:

CPU: Quad core CPU at least 2.5Ghz
RAM 4GB DDR3 1600
GPU: GTX560 - GTX titan at least 2GB GDDR5

If you can get a quad core laptop that would be the bare minimum but dont expect it to be too smooth

Thanks for the tip. I’ll try to upgrade my gear. In the meantime I will experiment on other areas of blender such as animation or camera tracking :smiley: