Are my two objects linked - when I change the color in the shader, the other's color changes too ..?

I have these two objects below. The one named -outerdark was a copy of the -innerdark.
I can move and resize these objects independently fine.

However, in the shader, if I change one’s color, the other’s color changed color too. Are these objects somehow linked in terms of the shader, and if so, how do I unlink ?

For any linked data try the Object menu, for a material try the number to the right of the name of the material… If you hover over it with the mouse you should get a tooltip.

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It seems to say 3 users. How do I make each object have its own unique version of this material (rubber_01 below)?

Just click on the 3 to make a single user copy

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Yeah, each time you click that it will make that a duplicate that is separate.