Are people using other ways to create text than using the "Text" object?

Months ago, I had asked about recreating the bevelled text that I saw in a TV programme. Someone replied with an answer, but to be honest, the result was not as good as those I saw in the programme. That is, the rounded edges (things like “2”) were not as smooth.

Anyway, I saw a Blender sample that someone else has created, and it had bevelled letters. When I saw the wireframe, the way those edges were composed looked different from that of the one I recreated with the “Text” object. So, did he use some other method? Like another application or an add-on? I think he probably did not created those letters from scratch by hand; there were too many letters to do such a daunting task.

[Someone else created]

from top

when rendered after applying subdivision(2) and bevel modifiers.

[The thing I recreated with “Text”]

After using limited dissolve, as someone had suggested for using bevel.