Are Quadro T-series (T400, T600, T1000) worth for blender, or just content creation in general?


I mainly do hard surface modelling in cycles and making 1080p exports. I’ve been doing it with an iGPU (Ryzen 5 5600G, Rx Vega 7) and wonder if any of the T-series Quadros would improve my current experience?


While they might be better than the iGPU, they are a poor investment. you are much better off with a Geforce than a Quadro.

They are built for reliability, not performance.

Check here for benchmark data to compare and contrast:

Agree with SR

I am planning on buying ryzen 5 there any limitations and how good is blender perfoming on Vega without GPU?

If you don’t have a Nvidia at least RTX 3060 you don’t get the Optix advantage in Cycles Render.
A CPU can be 10x slower.
Then there is the viewport, but there i am not aware of the Vega capabilities for wireframe a shading modes.
I don’t know how you think you will work with Blender but for me having an interactive render is very important and in most projects the viewport is often in render mode. So Eevee or Cycles are always turned on except at project starting phase or when i model something. In a recent architectural project i was putting vases, awnings etc and i was doing with viewport in render mode in Cycles.