Are relative keying sets (that work on active armature) possible?

Hello all,

I’m working on a short animation with a couple characters whose rigging is identical. I’m trying to use the keying sets feature, but I’ve run across a question. Are keying sets necessarily specific to a particular object? That is, if I want to have a keying set that I use to animate the character’s, do I need to create a separate keying set for each character, or can I create a “relative” keying set that acts upon the active/selected armature?

Thanks - Andrew

Here is a bit post Aligorith did on Keying sets. I haven’t used them yet so I’ll just leave it at that. Perhaps it answers your question.

Yeah, I read the blog post. I think it’s telling me that the keying sets are by nature absolute, and thus have to work on a per-object basis, but it seems like that would be rather silly bc each time I want to animate a new character I would then have to recreate the keying set. So I’m hoping that I’m missing something and there is some clever or obvious way to accomplish this.

Anybody know a way to do this?