Are Reverse Shadows Possible?

I’ve tried to find something online but haven’t been able to. Is it possible to have the shadow of an object go towards a light instead of away from it?

i tried inverting the final image (with a little gamma correction):
Probably not what you are looking for. :confused:
What affect do you want to achieve?

I would like to make a scene where I have a characters shadow, but it just goes towards the light on a wall instead of away from it. I guess I could take a plane, knife cut out the shadow, then turn off shadows for the light change the position of the shadow plane.

Or you could use a shadow catcher in different copy of the scene with the light on the other side, then composite the the resulting shadow onto your original scene. You would still have to turn off the shadows in your original lamp.

Hi, I just read this comment for light that only casts shadows:

It reminded me of your question, it works for cycles and eevee and you can get the object to cast shadow towards a light, using 2 opposite lights one positive- with cast shadows and one negative - no shadow.

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Thanks! This work quite well actually.