Are softbodies good for any cloth right now?

For softbody cloth I haven’t seen a practical test outside of a flag here and a cloth draped over an object there. Has anyone seen a practical test of softbody clothing, and if not, is that coming at some point soon?

Just a thought I had as I’m trying to figure out a way to do cloth simulation using empties.

I’ve used sofbody in my short “Learning to fly”. It’s usable for small clotches like skirts or capes, where you don’t have to do colision detection with dense meshes.

Nope. I was probably doing it wrong, but the clothes would just fall through the person.

you would have to add constraints to the body, right?

Softbodies were not designed to do clothing, but there have been a few who have found moderate success when applying it that way.

The trick is to create a vertex group (usually called SOFTGOAL or something like it) which indicates how much power the softbody engine has over the mesh. 1.0 (red) means that the vertex is controlled exclusively by the armature/constraints/whatever, and 0.0 (dark blue) means that the vertex is manipulated exclusively by the softbody engine.

Recognize what parts of your clothing should be free to wobble and flap and what parts should not. Weight Paint the SOFTGOAL to blend in and out of each region.

Remember also that softbodies do not handle collision particularly well, especially when dealing with deformable objects. So you still can’t do things like capes and dresses with softbodies alone: they need some additional help from an armature or some other constraint.

Hope this helps.

I am currently working on a project where I have used softbodies for a shirt and jeans on a person. It gives you a good foundation to start with, then you can tweak the verts afterward. I haven’t posted that project in the WIP forum yet, but plan to soon.

With the 2.4 Alpha, you can use an object that is deformed by an armature and have a softbody be deformed by it and get good looking collisions. I just did a test. I think this was fixed during the animation recode.


Yay! :smiley: