Are someone developing a SVG import?

I remember, once upon a time, I had heard that someone is developing a SVG import script for blender, but I don’t remember where!! (did I was dreaming? ) :slight_smile:
Had someone heard too?

A SVG import script would be(will be) pretty cool!! I’m using the inkscape and i need export lines to blender !!! :slight_smile:


p.s.: sorry my english!! :smiley:

I wrote an SVG Export script a while back, but I haven’t had time to update it to the new API. When I do, I’ll look into writing an Import script too. Not sure if Blender’s Python API has access to it bezier curves though. Simple meshes would be quite easy.

wow man!!! This is great! It is so good to hear it! :slight_smile:

Well, i don know to if Blender’s Python API has access to it bezier curves though too, but i think it could be like DXF from QCAD or AUTOCAD: The circle or curve shape has to be “broken” in little segment lines.

In another way, if exist the possibility to import bezier curves… and from SVG… man… i don’t have words for this. ( like the import/export 3DS) :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


p.s.: sorry for i can’t have you people to develop scripts! :frowning: One day i’ll learn! And learn english too! lol :slight_smile:


have you had the time?

i’ll try your “old” script on 2.3 now, and can look at the API bezier support too, but can’t promise to have time (nor skills) to actually work on the import soon … amazing / frustrating how much need there is for SVG import&export and talk about it, but yet not too much work (and here i am just adding to that. phenomena…)


ok i fixed the script a little bit to work on 2.3, info about this is in with a link to the current version,

  • added debug prints to see what’s happening

  • removed importing non-existing Mesh, aliased that to NMesh then (did not check if it was actually used though)

  • commented out the unused failing reference to object .layer

… it seemed to me that the file was broken - cut in the middle - so had to add also opening the file … i wonder if some crucial functions are missing, at least it did not give errors

the script failed to export any data of a more complex mesh, converted from nurbs curves - no clue why - but did seem to export a default cube.

the current Curve API seems nice enough,, so hopefully we get import working too!


Oh sorry mate, I’d forgotten to upload my own v2.32 update! Thanks for your help. I’ll upload the 2.32 version I have at home tonight.
Haven’t yet looked into SVG import; been to busy with my Mesh Unfolder. I’ll have some time to get on with it now though.

I would also love to see a SVG import. I have been trying to learn how to do it myself, but I don’t really know where to start.

I’ve started an importer. I’ve got as far as parsing the SVG and delegating to various objects to create Blender objects for each type of SVG element. However, I still haven’t found a way to create Blender curve objects properly through the python API. Creating a curve is easy, but there doesn’t seem to be a way to add points to it.
Meanwhile I’ll proceed by mapping <path> elements to Blender mesh objects.

Oh that’s interesting…

i wish to sugest an interesting twist on this thread…

bu i know that isn’t possible as a .py it should involve work on the source code

i’m generating 3d architectural at work, sometimes. In some projects i have noticed that every 3d software i know about (althought i use max because it has lot’s of nice tools for 3d archi viz) has a limitation related to 3d architectural and is the bitmap/procedural textures … vectorial textures would be a GREAT tool for jobs as “painting” roads when the terrain has some elevation levels…

now the only good solution is to make huge bitmaps and it doesn’t look unless you are really far… (and it isn’t viable with big structures)

but i think that calcultaing the pixel texture from a vectorial source instead a texture texel shouldn’t be any memory waster and would have a perfect resolution as near as far away the camera was.

well sorry for my english and sorry for talking about this little offtopic, but HUH maybe some blenderhead could read this and think on it as a possible upgrade to blender

i think it should be the first 3d RENDER package to include vectorial textures(shockwave3d can use a flash vectorial movie as a texture, but it isn’t usefull for 3d viz)


Ha! I’d (and others) been thinking of the exact same thing! Wouldn’t it be cool?
I think Vector Textures would be amazing. You’d draw them up in Illustrator or whatever, import them into Blender as SVG and then Blender could render them without loss of resolution and without interpolation artifacts.
You could even introduce a procedural element to the process - making vectors textures’ control points move with the underlying mesh (like the proportional edit tool) for more realistic movement.