Are The earth is like That ? ©

Some time i want to go out Of earth But i cant, On This Time i see this image is look like good

What kind of tools did you use, Civx?

@Rocketman thanks

It’s very pretty.

Did you draw it from nothing? What reference images did you use?

Its like the nebula I see in an astronomy book from the library great work.

You used some Blender for that? Wow, nice work.

I’d like to see some reference images also please!


You can actually see the horsehead nebula in it, so I think Civx must have used a mix of hubble shots to make this.

Civx: if your interested in space artwork, you might want to take a look at stuff like this:

sorry i just want to talk Is not funny But i will:evilgrin:

Did you draw it from nothing? What reference images did you use?

It’s the Flame and Horsehead nebulae in Orion, rotated 180 degrees from the usual orientation they are displayed in. All I see is a simple enhancement of a common astronomical subject. Not impressed here.

Ok, critique time. The nebula images that you used as well as the star image you imposed them on are either extremely low resolution or they have bad jpeg compression, or maybe you just like the blur tool. The lens flare effects are very noticeably the same image, just copy-pasted and shrunk down. Also, it’s not nice to take images from wherever you got them and call them your own.

Just keep these things in mind for your next image.


Maybe that is because your “drawing” IS a reference image of the Horsehead Nebula:

Does that look familiar?
All you did was take a picture from the internet, turn it upside down, and put your name on it.

So what do you have to say for yourself?

Civx: You tried to pass this off as original art when clearly it’s not. You owe this community either an apology or an explanation.

CD38 and others are right…
I think more than 40,000 Members on BA are looking for an explanation! plus others! YOU KNOW who !

there is no where to hide!

I check it, Its not just like the nebula but its really that pink nebula I saw in the book… I just forgot the name, so its horsehead nebula… Nebulas are beautiful things, I know there is a green one and other colorful nebulas. So beautiful! The space is wonderful.

Sorry that hard for us But sorry i just want to you to talk to move to talk

Why do you want people’s opinions about it then?

Civx, it’s obvious that the image you posted is a fraud.

Here’s a photograph of the horsehead nebula that I rotated:

And here’s what you have:

If you look closely, you can even see what looks like a watermark in the center:

So no, Civx. You don’t get any respect because you don’t deserve it.

Hahaha haha haha ha ha


The copyright is a nice touch…

I need to give Rocketman an Date-photo-analysis job!,his good! :eyebrowlift:

but really, that just too much, what more too say?;…

yaa! I like the copyright and A big one too…

no, Not making fun, (I think I did!):evilgrin:

That does look quite like a watermark.