Are the number of lights limited in EEVEE?

I have a partcile system spawning hundreds of spot lights inside a volume cube but not all lights are visible. Is there a limit of lights or maybe a setting in the prefs i can increase?


Hm, is there another way to fake volumetric glow lights in EEVEE?

maybe show an image of what you’re trying to achieve? You could create a cone with a mix of Emission and Transparency, with the Layer Weight in the factor, it creates a fake light beam, if that’s what you’re looking for

All i’m trying to do is put some christmas lights on a fir tree. I tried emitting spheres + Bloom but the effect isnt strong enough. I guess i have no other choice as to render out passes and put post glow on it.

mmh weird that the effect is not strong enough, have you tried to increase the emission strength?

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Oh i see what you mean. I was using the principal shader emission (which as no strength factor ofc). Emission shader strength gives me what i’m looking for.


Emission strength has been implemented in the Principled BSDF since 2.92 I think

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If you want to use the principled shader and dont have emission strength yet because you are using a 2.91 or older you can set your color in an rgb node connect it to a hue/sat/value node and crank up the value there:

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