Are there any 2d graphic designers who use Blender (or any 3d package) heavily in their design work?

Are there any 2d graphic designers who use Blender (or any 3d package) heavily in their design work?

Hello! Yes I do. I have been doing graphic design as a sort of “hey I heard you can make graphics can you do this” side gig. I have been working with 3D in blender for 5+ years now and I use it for almost everything I do graphically at some stage. I will say, however, I think it matters greatly your expertise in various software. For instance, if I had the same amount of knowledge and mastery of Adobe Illustrator as I do blender, I probably would only use it instead. What I will say is that I find anything I do that requires perspective is WAY easier to “mock up” or start in 3D. For example, I needed a graphic of a snare drum for a client and drawing that out with all the appropriate perspectives for me would be a nightmare. So I did it in blender in like 10 minutes and moved it to photoshop for everything else and it worked perfectly! Some tips I will add for doing graphic design in blender. First of all, only use the emissive shader for any colors you want to do including black/white and set the strength to 10. This makes the pixel value viewed by the camera directly from the source (the logo/graphic) exactly what you set it as in the color picker. Second, use cycles render engine with a transparent background and NO DENOISING. The sample count can be set so low that it renders almost instantly (no light bounces, only emissives). Finally, make sure your color space is set to sRGB and it has no contrast effects enabled. I hope this helps!


0grasshopper, I would love to see a tutorial on that very subject. You’ve obviously got a lot of practical experience with it. I’m sure that an existing site like BlenderNation would be able to help you put such a thing together and then publish it.

Can I see your portfolio?

Yeah that thing about using sRGB (standard) took me forever to find. I kept telling the client that I needed a few more days and then a few more days but I was already finished, I just couldn’t figure out how to get the colors in the Blender render to match the original artwork :frowning:

Hey! I never actually thought about a tutorial. I’m not sure how to go about such a thing really, but if you need additional help my discord is ikilledkenny#0586

I do not have a portfolio because this isn’t my day job haha. but if you have questions my discord is ikilledkenny#0586. Sorry for the late reply, I’m not on here much these days

I also used Blender for illustration and design and been doing it for about 17 years. At first it was an add on to create images for sales brochures, training manuals and training videos from my CAD product designs. It was easier to do my own graphics than ask a non technical artist to understand a heating schematic. Over the years I have worked Blender created graphics into Multi National companies, Industry Guidance, British and European Standards and got a Blender model on TV. 4 years ago I moved away from using Blender as a sideline in the day job and went freelance as a technical illustrator. It’s a bit feast and famine compared to a regular salary, but with other sidelines you can get by.

I am recording a free Blender Video course at the moment from the basics up to designing for CNC and 3D print. I could possibly add a section on creating technical type illustrations once the course has advanced to that level.