Are there any addons that improve Blenders compositor?

(Therealgarry) #1

I didn’t find any addons to improve the compositior. Are there any at all?
If not, why not?

(3pointEdit) #2

Node Wrangler is a built in addon that helps add and connect nodes. But it doesn’t make the compositor render any faster.

(Secrop) #3

I’ve been wrinting some tools to help the creation of new custom nodes for Cycles, but as the structure of other nodes is more or less the same, I think it should be fairly easy to adapt it for compositor node types (thought I confess I never tried it).

(dgorsman) #4

Perhaps if you defined “… improve the compositor…” a little better. What are you trying to do, and how is it falling short?

(carpetudo) #5

EasyFx is pretty good.

(burnin) #6

b°wide NodePack

and some

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