Are there any downsides to using Pitchipoy armatures?

I’m new to Blender rigging. I’m writing software that will use a Kinect to translate bone positions to Blender armatures in real time.

Initially, I only want to support one kind of armature. It seems that the Pitchipoy armature is more full-featured than the standard armature. Eventually I will want to do facial expressions on the motion captured characters, so supporting Pitchipoy seems almost like a no-brainer. However, are there any downsides/catches to using Pitchipoy that I should be aware of?

The Pitchipoy rig doesn’t have FK-IK snapping.

Keep in mind, in edit mode, you can add the pitchipoy face rig to the standard metarig. In the rig properties, under Rigify Buttons, just choose the pitchipoy.super_face and click Add Sample. Then parent the “face” bone to the “head bone”. And generate the rig as if it was meant to be that way.

Thanks for the info, SkpFX. Sounds like I will support the standard Blender armature instead.