Are there any examples available for integrating Blender in an existing vfx-pipeline

I’d like to integrate Blender to my companies pre-existing vfx-pipeline. Nothing really fancy, mainly just setup blender at start, so I don’t have to navigate through a lot of folders, set fps, frame range etc.

Do you know of any articles, projects or similar that I can look at that can get me started?

I’m not looking for a tutorial, just some examples that can get me started and inspired.

It sounds like you just want to save some settings in the startup file? That would do it, but if you wanted to set that up via python, you simply need to open up the operator output and mostly copy&paste those if all you’re doing is tweaking some default settings.

It’s more that I’d like to change various settings depending on what context I’m launching blender from.

We have an app where all our current projects are listed, and the various shots in those projects.
So, ideally, I’d like Blender to be preset with the current shots frame range, fps and some bookmarks when launching.
However, maybe that isn’t a practical way of doing it in Blender.
It might be better to create a blender file with the command line and do the settings there. Or, start a default blender file and run a python script that fetches the info from shotgun.

I guess I’d just like to know what approach others have chosen, what works and what doesn’t.

I believe all the parameters you’ve mentioned are stored and saved in a blend file, so just opening a blend file that contains those settings would do the trick? It may also be possible to save those things and append/link from a master file per shot. Only bookmarks and user prefs are not stored that way.

As for examples, the open movie projects the Blender Institute has all sorts of information about how they setup the pipelines if you’re just looking for examples.

If you really, really wanted, you could use portable versions of blender for each and every shot that would load it’s own startup.blend, it’s own bookmarks, userprefs.blend and addons.

A master Blender file with your favourite setup is the fastest thing. You can have how many you like, for different project flavors.
Use scripting is useful for general system settings, batch running, whatever, but you incur the extra effort of programming…